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Exploring Parcel Information

After searching for a respective parcel and selecting it from the list, the map will pan to the parcel (which will be highlighted on the map) and the parcel info window will display on the map.  The parcel info window includes relevant parcel information, as well as supplemental details about sales and specific parcel related values.

Explore the Parcel Info Window

8. Use the scroll bar to obtain additional information.

The Sales & Value Tabs

9. The Sales tab has basic sales information and the Value tab provides parcel values from the last certified tax roll or the proposed TRIM (Truth in Millage) values.

1. The close window button () can be used to close the parcel info window.

2. If you are using a PC or tablet device, when you place your mouse on title bar of of the Parcel Info Window, the cursor is changed to a cross-hair / move cursor () that allows the window to be moved.   Note: This feature is not available on Mobile phones.

3. The parcel number can be copied.

4. Parcel Details - The Parcel Number link takes you to the parcel detail page of the Polk County Property Appraiser website (www.polkpa.org) where you can get additional information for the selected parcel.  

5. PRC – Clicking or tapping the Property Record Card link will allow you to open a PDF that contains property value and sales information for the selected parcel.

6. PRM - Clicking or tapping the Property Report with Map link opens a new page that contains a map of the selected property along with basic property information including a value summary and sales data.


7. Pictometry - Clicking or tapping the Oblique Imagery link opens the Polk County Property Appraiser Pictometry Viewer.  Unlike traditional aerial photography that relies only on an orthogonal or “top-down” view of an area, Pictometry captures images obliquely, or from an angle which allows the user to view land features and structures clearly in their entirety from all sides—North, South, East, and West.