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Introduction to the Map

The PCPA Interactive Map was created for you to search, explore, and find your way around Polk County, Florida. The new look and feel of the map has been designed with our users in mind.  The mapping experience is modeled after popular consumer-based mapping applications and includes seamless panning, scroll-wheel zooming, and intuitive search tools.

Interactive Map Panel

The Interactive Map Panel is central to your experience.  This panel allows the user to search by parcel, owner name, or address.  The results of all searches are shown here also.  In addition, this interactive panel is where users can access the map legend,  buffered searches, printing parameters, and feedback tools.

Map Toolbar

The Map Toolbar appears along the top of the map window.  Hovering over the tool icon tells you what the tool is.  Clicking on a tool icon activates the tool.  To close a tool window, simply click on the tool again.  Tools Include:  Search, Change Basemap, Clear Selected Parcel, Show Legend, Measure, Zoom to Full Map, Previous Map, Next Map, Create Buffer, Export / Print Map, Email Link to Map, Submit Feedback, and Help.

Map Display Area

The Map Display Area functions as expected -- it displays the map.  Use the map display area to navigate the map and make parcel selections for more information.

Site Disclaimer

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