Polk County Property Appraiser

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DISCLAIMER: All maps are worksheets used for illustrative purposes only. They are not surveys. The information is provided "as is."
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Owner names are by last name first, try using only the
last name initially, or followed by only the first letter of the first.
Example: Smith J

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Enter all or part of the number.
232901123456654321 - Specific Account
232901 - All occurrences starting with 232901

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The Map Tools allow users to navigate around the map, select parcels, create a printable layout and perform a buffered search.
Zoom Out IconZOOM OUT Click button draw rectangle by clicking on the map and dragging down and to the right.
Zoom In IconZOOM IN Click button draw rectangle by clicking on the map and dragging down and to the right.
Pan Map IconPAN the map in the desired direction.
Select Parcel IconSELECT a parcel at the click location on the map.
Zoom Extent IconRESET the map to the full extent of the county.
Print IconPRINT the map and information currently showing.
Buffer IconBUFFERED SEARCH - Click button. Enter a buffer distance in the form and click the search button. A buffer is applied to the selected parcel and drawn on the map. A list of parcels within the specified buffer is also displayed.


The Map Size options allow the user to choose a map size that works best for their screen. The default map size is medium.
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The Search options allow users to find properties to display on the map. The available searches are Owner Name, Parcel ID, Range-Township-Section and Address.
Search Options
Owner Name:Enter the owner's last name then first name in the form. The search results panel displays a list of matches. Click the Parcel ID to select a parcel, display it on the map and display parcel info on the data tab.
Parcel ID:Enter all or part of the parcel ID. The search results panel displays a list of matches.
Range: Township: Section:Enter 2 digit Range, Township and Section numbers. The search results panel displays all parcels in the specified section.
Address:Enter Street Number, Street Name, Street Direction and/or Street Type. Only Street Name is required. The search results panel displays a list of matches.
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