Polk GIS Mapping Site (map.polkpa.org)

Finding the Information You Need

The PCPA Interactive Map makes it easy for you to find the information you are looking for.  The Interactive Map Panel is defaulted to start with the search function.  

You can also click or tap the search (Search Icon) button on the mapping toolbar to search for parcels in the Interactive Map Panel.  Note: On Mobile phones this opens in a separate window.


1.To begin a search, select the type of search you would like to perform (Parcel, Owner Name, Address) from the Search drop-down menu.

Search Criteria

2.Start typing your search term into the search box.  As you enter the Parcel ID Number, Owner's name, or Address the auto-complete feature will begin displaying results (results are limited to a maximum of 500 rows). The results will be reduced as you continue to enter characters into the search. You can also interact directly with the map by clicking or tapping on a parcel to get information. 

3.Hit the enter key while the cursor is still in the search box or click (tap) the magnifying glass to execute/complete the search. Click or tap on any item in the search results list to locate the parcel on the map. You can remove the search term by clicking or tapping the 'X' (this feature is not available in all browsers and devices).


On PC or Tablet:

On Mobile Phone:

PC or Tablet Search Results

Mobile Search Results

Select a Parcel

You can select a parcel by using the Search or by selecting / clicking once on the parcel in the Map Display Area.  

Only one parcel can be selected at a time.  

A single click or tap on a parcel in the Map Display Area will select, zoom to the parcel, and open the Parcel Info Window.

A double click or double tap in the Map Display Area will incrementally zoom in on the Map Display Area.  

Clear Selected Parcel Tool

On PC or Tablet:

PC or Tablet tool bar

On Mobile Phone:

Mobile tool bar